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Need of a Limousine for grad season? Come book with us.

Limousines that have a seating capacity greater than 10, now require special directions when it comes to transporting anyone under the age of 19.

*The consumption of alcohol in (ANY) motor vehicle, is strictly against the law in BC, regardless of age. *Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of BC*

Please note for any transfer where the passengers are under 19 years old, we require a consent form to be filled out by the parent or legal guardian and handed to us prior to the scheduled pick-up. The Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) also requires for any perimeter seating bus (PSB) that there must be a Safety Monitor present for any bookings with youth. We cannot transport any youth without The Form and Safety Monitor.

Please Click Here for your Consent form.

For rules regarding graduates and transportation, please refer to the Passenger Transportation Board website https://www.ptboard.bc.ca/limo-safety.htm